Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I Listened

I said "Don't."

He forgot.

"You are stuck with it." 

He didn't listen.

So I am sitting here
by myself once again.

While he is out
doing whatever it is
he thinks needs done.

And I am here.

Right where 
I'd promised 
I'd always be.

He said "Stay,"

I didn't forget.

He said "Soon,"

I listened.

He said "Tomorrow."

I waited.

I said "Go," 
I meant stay.

This is my response to this week's IndieInk Writing Challenge. Femmefauxpas challenged me with "Don't forgot, you're stuck with it tomorrow." I challenged Sheauntelle with "He stuck a penny in my printer. I was trying to type."


  1. I really like this. Simply worded, but poignant and powerful.

  2. I like this a lot. The last stanza is a perfect ending to the poem.

  3. R.L.W. and Tara R.

    I am glad both of you liked the poem and stopped by to leave a comment. I am giddy like a little girl with your words of encouragement. *Blush*

  4. This was really interesting. I love how it was formatted like a poem. I could see this applying to so many couples but in the beginning I almost could see a dog waiting patiently for its master...except for that last stanza it works :)

  5. Carrie, I know the last part sets it off a bit. Almost as if there should be three lines but free form is free form. Right?

    Anyway, I wrote this about my husband and myself. I think it applies to all couples. There is always a push and a pull in relationships. When to go, When to stay, and when to be loyal to each other.


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