Friday, July 1, 2011

Love And Marriage

I found this website called Academic Earth. I wish I could say I've taken some of the courses but I haven't. It really does seem like beneficial opportunity.

However, I did find one of the courses very interesting. I listened to several of the lectures. I even took some notes. The course was titled Communication and Conflict in Couples and Families.


The title of the course first interested me because I thought it was about families. You know like, moms and dads, aunts, uncles, kids, cousins and in-laws. When I began listening to the first lecture, I realized it wasn't about the relationships amongst the entire family but it was all about intimate relationships.


I really should have been doing anything else at the time other than listening to lectures online but what the professor had to say kept me interested. The hook for me was a line that went something like, this course will make your relationship better. So I kept listening.


The course is all about how people meet. It talks about why they stay together. It talks about how couples communicate. It talks about stuff I had to think about and some stuff I didn't fully understand. 

The whole idea of the course is for people to understand the complexity of relationships. It is almost as if you understand how people relate to one another the chances of not only making your spouse happy but also meeting their expectations become better. Thus, the chances of your relationship lasting also become better.


I stopped listening to the course so intently when I started thinking about an analogy the professor used. It went something like this. Not exactly like this but something like it.


Relationships are like riding bicycles. Look at a bike race. You see all these people riding bikes on a flat surface and it looks easy. However, when the race starts to go uphill things get more complicated. It is then when you can truly pick out who is good at riding a bike. Those who can ride a bike uphill are those who are best at relationships.


With this in mind, I pretty well figure, my husband is by far the best at riding a bike uphill.


I know I should have finished listening to all of the lectures. And one day I might. Maybe.


Nevertheless, something I did learn was... that I really should be folding my husbands socks and putting them away. I know it's a simple way to look at it.... but meeting your spouse's expectations is supposed to lead to a happy/happier marriage.


Now, I just need a lecture about communication and conflict in entire and families.

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