Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hmm... Another Interesting Theory from Hannah

I have this theory. I think I may have made it up all on my own. I haven't read any literature on it or anything so it isn't exact. This theory of mine is just a silly idea really. I may have originally heard it from someone else. I can't remember.
Anyway, it is no secret music influences people's moods. Music can heighten any atmosphere. So my theory is that music influences everything.
Think about it. A person who sings a song probably didn't write it. If they did they sure as hell had some help somewhere. A musician almost always seems to have had a collaborator.
Songs on the radio are only being played because of mass appeal. Music must undergo an approval process before we even hear it. Then we hear the same songs being played over and over again until eventually we like them because the damn things become imprinted in our minds.
Do you ever stop to ask yourself what does this song I am listening to even mean? I do. I think about the lyrics and wonder what in the world the person or people who wrote the song where trying to say. I am almost always wrong though. I couldn't figure out the underlying meaning in anything even if it bit me on the ass. If I can't figure out even the words to a song, let alone the meaning, no one else can either. Right? Right. Good.
So I think when a person hears a song that song means something different to each and every person. Everyone consciously (or not) is relating their past experiences to whatever the song's lyrics mean to them. No one's interpretation is ever the same.
This is why when my husband and I were still dating I would cringe every time he would sing along to the song "Now I Lay Me Down to Cheat" by David Allan Coe. I still have no idea why he likes the damn song. I don't know what he is relating to when he sings along with it. He might just like it. He might not really relate to it at all. I still cringe. So when he plays the song on the jute box the next song I always play is "She's Not the Cheatin' Kind" by Brooks and Dunn.
When it comes right down to it, nothing means the same to everyone. Symbolism in music can be a bitch. The next time you are with someone and you think you know what he or she means you probably don't. What is obvious to one person obviously isn't obvious to everyone. One thing is for sure. Music means something different to everyone.  Make no mistake everything has a divine interconnectedness and music influences everything.

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