Monday, May 5, 2014

Today I Need a Little Inspiration

What's in a name?

Today I need a little inspiration. Yes, as sad as really I am. I am no longer the Oh So Unusual Housewife and haven't been for such a long while now. I just haven't had... well anyhow... Friday would have been our sixth year anniversary and dammit... I so thought I 'd be happier to be divorced although cannot say that I am. Anyhow, looking for a little guidance. I thought to look to Julia Child, a guidance that escaped me quite sometime ago.

I've always had a thing for sauces and dressings.

The basic sauce takes only a few minutes to make.

2 TBSP butter

3 TBSP flour

2 Cups milk

1/4 TSP salt

Salt and pepper to taste

In a saucepan melt butter on low heat. Blend flour and cook slowly stirring until the butter and flour froth together for 2 minutes without coloring. While blending butter and flour have milk with salt heating in a separate saucepan.
Remove the butter flour mixture from heat. As soon as the bubbles disappear, pour the hot milk into the saucepan. Immediately use a wire wisk to combine the milk, butter, and flour completely over moderately high heat. Boil for about a minute, while stirring. Remove from heat add additional salt and pepper.

Shockingly one of my most favorite attempts of a variation for the sauce was when I added a bay leaf and two whole cloves setting the oven on low heat and placing the sauce in a cast iron skillet allowing the flavors to set in for about half an hour: adding in extra butter as necessary, I'm sure.

From Mastering the Art of French cooking

Only a little something to brighten my day.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Apple Dumplings

I'm gonna have to say I haven't been paying too much attention lately to the Food Network. Last night I caught an episode of Trisha Yearwood's show. I couldn't help but try a recipe for apple dumplings. Let me just say they were so good! I'm looking forward to trying more of her stuff. She might just be my new favorite food celeberty chef right next to Rachel Ray, Paula Deen, The barefoot Contessa, Chef Ann Burrell and of course Ina Garten. Oh, and I almost forgot Sandra Lee. My very first Food Network Cookbook was a Sandra Lee semi-homemade cookbook. I'm so going to be watching more of the Food Network. Please keep the good food coming! Next, I might try Trisha's blueberry pancakes! Yum!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pro-Choice and Pro-Life Politics

I had a government class a few years back were the teacher who was politically minded assigned each student to create a political platform as if he or she was actually a candidate. Part of the assignment was to stand in front of the class and proclaim this platform. So, I did my research and was excited with the assignment.

Only when the time came to speak there was a class divide. My platform as pro-choice liberal with sympathies for the pro-life movement and the value of life didn't seem to go over well amongst a classroom full of pro-life individuals. I was clearly of the minority in my class.

As a child my dad had taken me to a pro-life rallies on two different occasions. I'm pretty sure my mother turned down the chance to take me because she didn't feel appropriate for a child to be subjected at such an early age. She didn't even want to have to explain to me what the rally was even really about.
Nonetheless, after having been involved in the pro-life rally my ideas where forever changed.

The idea of holding a sign, being part of a group, and standing for a cause was a wonderful experiance. Although, what my dad hadn't taken into consideration was the two women who drove by holding right to choice signs proclaiming the woman's right to make a choice.

Those two women affected me much more than the crowd full of pro-lifers. These women, they were the minority, the minority taking a risk to stand for what they believe. They risked the chance that a crowd might not accept their ideals. The idea that a woman should have the right to make a choice for herself.

Now, years later when I, in my college history class was asked to write my political platform the issue of choice was an issue I did not take lightly and for this I was shunned by my fellow classmates who along with my teacher believed in the pro-life movement.

I couldn't argue with the value of life. The only issue I had, and still have today is that although quality of life is valued above all else the laws and the legal regulations regarding abortion are of interest.

Roe vs Wade was decided by the Supreme Court forty years ago and should the balance of power in the supreme court be justly equal between that of liberal and conservation appointments the original ruling empowering women with the right to make the choice will not likely be overturned.

Now, while abortion laws should not remain lax, they do need to be taken seriously and therefore the right to life movement serves a purpose.
Now, upon having had a horrible classroom experience in college in attempting to discuss my political agenda with a classroom full of people who seemed resentful of my liberal ideology.

I still find discussing politics concerning my choice to be pro-choice with others who happen to be pro-life and although pro-choice seems to be the ever so popular political stance in the state of Missouri I do not ever feel I will be able to abandon the woman's right to choose.

Those two women at my very first pro-choice rally who drove by holding the signs proclaiming a woman's right to what happens to her body made an unforgettable impression on me. I will never forget the two women who decided to take a stand against the majority.

So, in conclusion although I began to write this to reflect on the 40th anniversary of Roe vs Wade and my admiration of Supreme Court Justices and the integrity of such a position held, I would like to point out something simple.

When regarding childcare laws I have given in at the chance to speak at many gathering for several reasons but an important reason is that I'm pro-choice and in Missouri an overwhelmingly conservative state the voice of an individual who isn't pro-live doesn't often get the chance to be heard.

So now that Sam Pratt's law passed this last legislative session, I guess I don't have to be afraid to say the words pro-choice anymore with the fear somebody might find me out preventing childcare laws from being taken seriously in the conservative political arena.

Roe vs Wade hasn't been overturned for forty years now and weather or not my conservation parents are or are not ashamed to have a pro-choice daughter I'm coming out to show my pro-choice women's right to choose stance.

I would also like to thank two pro-choice blogger Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser and Cecily Kellogg for their political stances. I forever relish some of their blog posts which made clear there are times to be quiet and their are times to speak. Thank you.

Monday, January 28, 2013

McDonald's vs Burger King the Snack Wrap Decision

I know. I know. I have a problem with McDonald's. I really shouldn't be eating out. I just can't stop myself. The new Chipotle Barbeque grilled chicken snack wrap is irresistible, under three hundred calories, and a perfect snack for on the go.

I have to admit the dollar menu catches my eye every time. I'm a sucker for a chicken sandwich, although I'm sure the personnel at McDonald's cringe when they see me because I almost always special order mine with mustard and pickles which is exceptional if I do say so myself. Now, speaking of mustard there is also a Honey Mustard chicken wrap that is also pretty nice and of course when ordered grilled this little snack is also under the three hundred calories.

Although, I have a bit of truth to confess. McDonald's has been taking a backseat to Burger King in the dollar menu arena. Now, everybody has got to know by now I'm a fan of the McDonalds's McDouble because the buns are never under par.

However, the charcoal broiled sandwich at Burger King has an undeniable flavor. I'm hungry right now just thinking about a burger. The angus snack wrap isn't too bad either I just cannot decide who makes the best snack wraps... McDonald's... Burger King... mmm... which has the least  calories?

I'm hungry... I think I might need to check the nutritional information. Did I mention the local McDonald's recently hired new people. Awesome, they're all so friendly and amazing. I just love love the golden Arches.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Hidden beyond country
A wonder of delicate delight
Something I've found
Now known renowned
A hidden of nothingness to me
To wonder forbidden
To know not of without
Consumed in presents
Consumed with doubt
For unknown unfound
What I've given frowned
A frown once was
Once was without
Once given doubt
A doubt did do
An untamed shrew
Unknown known true
Thus do suppose
What once shown
An orchid knows no self-doubt

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Forgiveness intended the unintended
When attended the attendee
Of neediness be?
Of neediness
Or needy wander
The needed to wander
A rome and to squander
Of what of a lie
A sweet
A sweet
Oh how could this be sweet
The attended need not to be forgiven
Forewarned maybe concerned
A friend to be friended
However attended?
I think not
I think the forgiveness sought
Is the attendance
Really to cover remembrance
To feed the forlorn
The tarnished concern
For wouldn't the attendee
Find the needy
The real need be
In who she did see
Then of course wept
Known not the decept
The deceit really be
The attended or the attendee
However who went to wander
Oh who wander to went
Then however who was
Who wouldn't commit
Forgiveness unfounded
Confound confined
What answers should be told
With attendance denied